Cremation can be a heavy topic to discuss with those you love. Certainly, it isn’t exactly the most uplifting talking point. But, cremation is fast becoming a popular option for residents of Park Ridge, IL who are pre-planning their own final arrangements—so, discussions among family members are happening rather frequently.
The experienced staff here at Chicagoland Cremation Options would be honored to be part of this discussion with you, should you consider cremation as an after death care option for yourself or a loved one who’s passed. First, we’d like to address questions, concerns, and points of misperception that encircle cremations. Due to the influx of information surrounding this topic, there can be some confusion which is, naturally, off-putting.
Here’s what the residents in Park Ridge, IL and elsewhere need to know about cremation:
Cremation Is Not a Replacement for a Traditional Funeral
Though, it can be. Just as often as families choose not to have a traditional funeral, there are families who choose to combine one with Park Ridge, IL cremation services. Know that choosing cremation does not have to mean you are choosing to forego any other final arrangement options.
Cremation is No Longer Taboo
These days, many famous celebrities have been cremated. Likewise, many major religions have lessened their strict stances on cremation as a death-care option. In fact, somewhere around 50% of the American population is opting to, at least, include cremation in the final arrangements for themselves (as part of a preplan) and their loved ones.
Cremation Is a More Affordable Option
Money is a tough subject when considering your own preplan or discussing the final arrangements for your loved one. On the one hand, you want to be responsible with your finances. But, on the other hand, money seems a trivial matter in the midst a death. In 2018, many Park Ridge residents are still reeling from the economic recession. Plus, most older generations are living on fixed incomes. That said, money is an important matter to consider. Shockingly, the cost of traditional burials has risen over 800% in the last five decades and, in contrast, cremation costs have remained low—often less than half the expense of a casket burial.
Cremation Is Argued to Be More Environmentally Friendly than Casket Burials
Statistically speaking, traditional American funerals are responsible for the use of 25-30 million board-feet of wood caskets, 88,000 tons of steel, close to 1.5 million tons of concrete (used in burial vaults), and approximately 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid. Cremation offers a greener solution for those concerned with the environment. Further, biodegradable urns are widely available.


With families geographically dispersed across the country (and, often times, across the world), cremation allows you to “pause” the funeral timeframe. In a traditional timeline, the funeral follows pretty quickly post-death, due to the preservation of the body and time-sensitive burial. When you choose cremation, this timeline is up to you. Whenever the deceased’s loved ones can gather is just the right time.
Ensuring the Cremated Remains are Safe
Here at Chicagoland Cremation Options, we take caring for the deceased’s body and cremated remains very serious. Our identification process is rigorous, so you know your loved one is safe in our care. The following is our “9-Step ID Process” for Cremations :
  1. Place wrist identification on deceased
  2. Deceased is placed in cremation container
  3. Family signs an authorization for cremation
  4. The county medical examiner or coroner acknowledges awareness of the death and verifies the cause of death or requires an autopsy or investigation
  5. The death certificate and medical examiners' permits are filed with the State
  6. Crematory operator fills out a crematory control sheet, which requires two personnel to sign off on prior to the cremation being performed
  7. The cremation is logged in the record book
  8. Paperwork is prepared in the office while the cremation is taking place
  9. The cremated remains are returned to the family
At Chicagoland Cremation Options, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to memorialize your loved one—we are here for you to provide you options for cremation in Park Ridge, IL and to help you to feel most comfortable. Our professional and kind staff has an instinctive ability to listen, understand, and guide you and your family through tough decisions. We bring a combined 65 years of experience with us when we meet with you, so you can be assured of our ability to provide a fitting and meaningful experience. We genuinely look forward to meeting with you and discussing any concerns or questions you may have. Please contact us at (773) 631-0018 or visit us at 9329 Byron St., Schiller Park, IL 60176.


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