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  1. Place wrist identification on deceased . If family present, invite them to write name on tag.
  2. Deceased is placed in cremation container (law in Illinois) and the person's name is written directly on the container.
  3. Family signs an authorization for cremation , verifying the death of their loved one and giving us permission in writing to do the cremation. Copies of these documents are attached to the outside of the cremation container.
  4. The county medical examiner or coroner acknowledges awareness of the death and verifies cause of death or requires an autopsy or investigation. The death is recorded with the county and a cremation permit is issued. This permit is also attached to the cremation container.
  5. The death certificate and medical examiner's permit are filed with the State. Certified copies of the death certificate are available to the family and a State permit is issued, giving us the authority to perform the cremation. Only now can the cremation be performed.
  6. Crematory operator fills out a crematory control sheet , which requires two personnel to sign off on prior to the cremation being performed.
  7. The cremation is logged in the record book. The name of the deceased, date, cremation chamber used, time started and operator's name are recorded. Copies of #3, 4, 5, and 6 are attached to the outside of the cremation chamber.
  8. Multiple forms of identification of the decedent are removed (wristband, toe tags, et cetera) and a numbered coin is issued and stays in the chamber with the deceased throughout the cremation.  That numbered coin is retrieved through the processing of the cremated remains and stays with the decedent through the entire process.
  9. Paperwork is prepared in the office while the cremation is taking place. Immediately following the completion of the cremation the cremated remains are placed in an urn with the deceased's name already on the container.
  10. The cremated remains are returned to the family. The family must show picture I.D. and sign a release stating they are taking custody of the cremated remains.


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