There are many, many articles regarding funeral arrangements, after death care, cremations, and celebration-of-life options. But, when the decision is yours to make for a loved one who has recently passed away, the words can often become an overwhelming blur of information.
There is an innumerable amount of decisions to make, which is why our compassionate team here at Chicagoland Cremation Options strongly recommends you reach out for professional assistance as soon as you can.
What to Look for in a Cremation Specialist
If you seek cremation services in La Grange, IL , we would be honored to assist you. But, should you choose to work with another group of professionals, expert advisors would encourage you to carry the following expectations with you, in your search:
  • Seek affordable cremation options. The cremation experts with whom you choose to work should provide the La Grange community with practical and reasonable options. You should be able to construct the most fitting tribute for your loved one within your financial bounds.
  • Look for humble service to your family. You need a skillful and dedicated cremation service professional to guide you through this process. Bear in mind that the right team will consider serving you and your family to be an honor. A good cremation expert knows you are placing special trust in them during a very delicate time. He or she should take enormous pride in assisting. You and your loved ones deserve to be treated with the highest level of dignity.
  • Require feeling valued. Serving this community means serving family, friends, and neighbors. Work with professionals who treat you accordingly


If you feel hesitant to move forward with the cremation process for your loved one, know that you are not the first—nor, will you be the last—to question this option. To ease your mind a bit, review the following reasons cremation has grown to be a final arrangement option in which 50% of the American population chooses:
  • Convenience. There is simply less coordination that goes into a simple or direct cremation. Given the fast-paced lives we’re all accustomed to, sometimes convenience is a welcomed thing.
  • Affordability (especially among the Baby Boomer generation). Price does have a significant impact on the decisions we make. And, in the event your loved one did not have a preplan in place, affordable options are often a necessity.
  • Flexibility in arrangements. Again, our schedules and the schedules of other family members and loved ones can make final arrangements very difficult to coordinate. Cremation “slims down” the superfluous death care options and makes decision making simpler.
  • Geographic dispersion of families across state lines and beyond. Traditional funerals are often complicated when loved ones who live out of state are unable to attend. Cremation allows for families to gather in a “less-than-rushed” fashion. Weeks, even months following the death becomes an option for the arrangements.
  • Environmental concerns (especially as the “Going Green” movement gains traction). Traditional American funerals are responsible for the use of 25-30 million board-feet of wood caskets, 88,000 tons of steel, roughly 1.4 million tons of concrete (used in burial vaults), and approximately 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid. Cremation offers a “Greener” solution for those concerned with the environment. Further, biodegradable urns are widely available.
  • Lessening ties to “the homeland” as in previous, less mobile generations. In years past, ground burials were much more prevalent, as people felt a stronger connection to their “homeland.” You see, prior to families dispersing across state lines, and trends like house flipping, families felt a genuine kinship to their towns, their home churches, and family utilized cemeteries.
Options for Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains
The options from which you can choose for your loved one’s cremated remains are limitless. If you desire to discuss ideas, be sure to speak to a professional to gain a clear understanding of your possibilities. For now, read below for some ideas others in the La Grange, IL area have chosen:
  • Private burial
  • Placing in an urn at a family residence or gathering place
  • Scattering in a significant location (memorable and important location)
  • Storing in a columbarium among other loved one’s cremains
  • Planting as a tree as a representation of reincarnation, or new life, or eternal life
  • Scattering in the earth of a garden to “grow” with the plants in memorial
  • Incorporating into jewelry (i.e.: gems, diamonds, lockets, etc.)
  • Dividing among family members in small urns, or to do with as they see fit
  • Releasing into the sky in a helium balloon
Where to Turn
We know how hard it is to sort through the details, the numerous articles, and the pressing familial burdens that come with a death in the family. Lean on our staff here at Chicagoland Cremation Options. We’re here to help you with your loved one’s La Grange, IL cremation arrangements. Our professionals can be reached by phone at (773) 631-0018 . Or, come by and see us at 9329 Byron St., Schiller Park, IL 60176.


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