If you are in the process of researching for cremation in Elk Grove Village, IL for a loved one or for your own preplan and find yourself full of questions, you aren’t alone. There’s a lot to absorb. In fact, most people find that the more they research, the more and more questions pop up. And, here at Chicagoland Cremation Options, our experts want to help answer as much as we can, as concisely as possible.
Now, each state has laws that affect exactly what happens to a body after death. For example, most states have relatively unique rules regarding the burial process, cremation, embalming, etc. Here in Illinois, it’s important you pay closest attention to our own state laws, so you know what you can and cannot do as you begin to plan for your or your loved one’s final arrangements.
To make this educational article easiest to navigate, our team has organized a question-and-answer forum for you. Keep reading to learn about the cremation process and laws in Illinois, as well as a bit about our services here at Chicagoland Cremation Options.
Is a Casket Required for Burial or for Cremation?
No, a casket is not required for either a burial or for cremation services. Unfortunately, many people believe they must purchase a casket for a traditional burial (fewer believe they must for cremation services). In general, yes; many families choose to purchase a casket to bury their deceased in—but it is not required by law. Though, if you do want to bury the body or the cremated remains, check with the requirements of the cemetery you’re considering, as the owner may have requirements regarding containers. Now, even though one is not required, you certainly can opt for a casket whether you choose burial or cremation.
Does the Urn Have to Be Purchased from the Crematory or Funeral Home?
No. Federal law requires that funeral homes and cremation services facilities accept urns or other containers that consumers have purchased elsewhere, whether it be from another funeral home, online, at a local store, personally constructed, etc.


This is a big question with many answers. Illinois state law allows for the storage of cremated remains to be kept in:
  • A grave
  • A crypt
  • A niche (as in, a columbarium, urn garden, personal property)
Where Can the Cremated Remains Be Scattered?
There are many places your loved one’s ashes can be scattered. Here’s a list of legal scattering options in the state of Illinois for your loved one’s cremation :
  • An established scattering garden. More and more cemeteries are offering designated locations for the ashes of the deceased to be scattered. Be sure to check with your chosen cemetery about this.
  • Private land. Yes, you are allowed to scatter ashes on your own private property. If there is another plot of land you wish to use, be sure to get permission from the landowner, so as to avoid any legal issues.
  • Public land. City and county regulations vary. You can call your city or county official to request guidance if there is a public location you wish to use for scattering. In general, most use their best judgment—but, it is best to check with appropriate parties (just in case).
  • Scattering ashes “at sea.” Residents of Illinois are governed by The Clean Water Act, which covers scattering procedures at sea and in large bodies of water like lakes and rivers. For inland water scattering, you may be legally required to obtain a permit from the Illinois state agency which manages that, particular, waterway.
  • Scattering ashes by air. Currently, there is no specific state law regarding the scattering of human cremated remains by air; however, federal aviation laws disallow releasing any objects in the air that might cause harm to people or private property. So, as long as you remove the cremains from the container before scattering, this is permitted.
What are Some Creative Options to Do with a Loved One’s Remains?
These days, there is so much that can be done to honor your loved one in a truly unique way. Here is a list of just some of the options other Elk Grove Village residents have chosen:
  • Private burial
  • Placing in an urn at a family residence or gathering place
  • Scattering in a significant location (memorable and important location)
  • Stored in a columbarium among other loved one’s cremains
  • Planted with a tree as a representation of reincarnation, or new life, or eternal life
  • Scattered atop the earth of a garden to “grow” with the plants in memoriam
  • Incorporated into jewelry (e.g.: gems, diamonds, lockets, etc.)
  • Divided among family members in small urns, or to do with as they see fit
  • Released into the sky in a helium balloon
Please, bring any other questions you have regarding Elk Grove Village, IL cremations that were not addressed in this article to us at Chicagoland Cremation Options. Our staff can be reached at (773) 631-0018 and we are located at 9329 Byron St., Schiller Park, IL. 60176. We look forward to serving you.


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