Chicagoland Cremation Options is a Chicago-based cremation service, offering respectful services at affordable prices for families in the area. Our team of licensed cremation professionals have more than 65 years of combined experience.
As your Chicagoland area neighbor, we are committed to unsurpassed value by providing many different cremation service options at an affordable cost. Some providers expect families to choose either value or a professional, caring process, but at Chicagoland Cremation Options, every aspect is handled thoughtfully and reverently.
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Most decisions revolving around the death of a loved one are difficult, to say the least. When a death occurs, there is a lot to be done to properly care for the disposition of the body and begin the steps through grief for yourself and all who mourn the loss. Mourning a loved one’s death is one of the most difficult life transitions—something we all face, many times, but never really learn how to do “well.”
In the days following a loved one’s passing, each hour is entirely inundated with:
  • Selecting after death services, such as cremations in Chicago, IL , funeral home options, burial grounds, etc.
  • Contacting the family, friends, and acquaintances, and coworkers.
  • Fleshing out financial restrictions and capabilities.
  • Navigating familial differences (unfortunately common when the wishes of the deceased are unknown)
It feels endless. Our staff here at Chicagoland Cremation Options knows that grief is the most fatiguing, arduous, mind-altering forms of derailment there is. We would be honored to meet with you to lighten your load. We are highly trained in traversing the ins and outs of post-death arrangements and all its nuances.
For now, let’s review the “why” behind cremation options.
Cremation is Simple
Choosing cremation for your loved one (or for you, in a preplan) can remove the need for a more extravagant ground burial ritual which involves a casket, a viewing, pallbearers, a funeral home space rental, etc. The cremation urn (should you choose to store the cremated remains this way) is smaller and, thus, much simpler option.
Cremations in Chicago, IL are More Affordable than a Traditional Funeral Procession
Money is a tough subject when discussing the final arrangements for your loved one. On the one hand, you want to be responsible with your finances. But, on the other hand, money seems a trivial matter in the midst of losing someone dear. In 2018, many of us are still reeling from the economic recession—we get it. Plus, most older generations are living on fixed incomes. Money is an important matter to consider. The cost of traditional burials has risen over 800% in the last five decades. In contrast, cremation costs have remained low—often less than half the expense of a casket burial.
Cremation Offers Less Tradition = More Individuality
While cultural and religious traditions are very important to many, there is evidently a general leaning away from traditionalism. These days, many families seem to prefer to memorialize the deceased in a distinctive and personal way. Cremation options offer flexibility for the bereaved to create a completely one-of-a-kind tribute. For example, a handful of disposition options include:
  • Lake Michigan scattering (a Chicagoland Cremation Options service)
  • Eternal reef option (a Chicagoland Cremation Options service)
  • Ash-included diamond creation (a Chicagoland Cremation Options service)
  • Jewelry inclusions
  • Planted as a tree in a biodegradable “pod”
  • Ash-included hourglass
  • Released in a helium balloon into the sky
  • Buried at home in a garden or small memorial plot
Cremation Buys You Time
With families geographically dispersed across the country (and, often times, across the world), cremation allows you to “pause” the funeral timeframe. You see, in a traditional timeline, the funeral follows pretty quickly post-death, due to the preservation of the body and time-sensitive burial. When you choose cremation, this timeline is up to you. Whenever the deceased’s loved ones can gather is just the right time.
Cremation is No Longer Taboo
These days, many famous celebrities have been cremated. Many major religions have lessened their strict stances on cremation as a death care choice. In fact, somewhere around 50% of the American population is opting to, at least, include cremation in the final arrangements for themselves (as part of a preplan) and their loved ones.
Cremation is Argued to Be More Environmentally Friendly than Casket Burials
Statistically speaking, traditional American funerals are responsible for the use of 25-30 million board-feet of wood caskets, 90,000 tons of steel, 1.5 million tons of concrete (used in burial vaults), and approximately 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid. That is a lot of resources. Cremations offer a greener solution for those concerned with the environment. Further, biodegradable urns are widely available.
At Chicagoland Cremation Options, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to memorialize your loved one. We are here for you. We wish to provide you options and to help you to feel most comfortable. Our professional and kind team brings a combined 65 years of experience with us when we meet with you, so you can be assured of our ability to provide a fitting and meaningful experience. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience to discuss your Chicago, IL cremation and burial options. We are located at 9329 Byron St., Schiller Park, IL and can be reached by phone at (773) 631-0018. We look forward to walking with you through this delicate time.


  • What is cremation?
    This is the #1 question—even from people who have a general idea of what cremation entails. But, let’s begin with what cremation is not. Cremation is not:
    • The final disposition of the remains
    • A type of funeral service
    • A replacement for other funeral services; i.e.: not “combinable” with other arrangements
    Cremation refers only to the process of reducing the human body into bone fragments using high heat and flame. Cremation can be combined with funeral services, burials, last rite rituals, etc.
    If you wanted to know more info about our cremation service, click here.
  • How much your cremation package cost?
    Our simple and affordable direct cremation package starts at $699.
    For more info on our cremation packages and pricing, click here
  • How can the family be sure they’ve received their loved one’s correct remains?
    Not only does federal law mandate strict requirements surrounding cremation procedures, we have also developed additional rigorous policies to protect you from human error regarding your loved one’s remains. Each stage of the cremation process requires positive identification from certified professionals only.
    Check out our cremation identification guarantee in here .


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